The 5 Best Movies For Netflix & Chill

Imagine it’s date night, and you’re 99% of the way towards getting that girl or guy of your dreams in your arms; you’ve had a great evening together, and since it’s about that time of night, you invited them over to watch some TV. Judging from the yes, it seems like it’s time to turn things up a notch. You both sit down, and turn on the TV. But what to watch?

The key to a successful Netflix and Chill date is a perfectly picked movie. A great flick can set the mood, put the chatter on the backburner, and hopefully get that someone special an inch or two closer to you.

However, a poorly picked movie could ruin those good vibes you worked so hard to get in the first place! A movie too scary, comedic, or tragic could result in a night of sobbing; the line is thin, so the movie choice must be on point.

Luckily, us here at DoubleDouble have devised a list of five movies that time and time again have gotten couples the mood to get intimate with one another. Leave the movie choosing to us! Just getting a potential lover to the couch is a feat in itself.

Top 5 Netflix & Chill Movies

5. Jaws


The 1975 classic is known and loved by everyone; just make sure that whoever you’re watching with isn’t afraid of sharks. This movie is both suspenseful and tragic; too reasons to snuggle even closer to your partner. Jaws is also full of intricate plot lines and character development that makes the audience feel for the movie’s characters; at a tragic scene of love and lust in the movie, it’s a perfect time to lean in for that kiss.

4. The Interview


This raunchy comedy featuring Seth Rogan has a little for everyone. Although goofy and simple, the possibility of entering North Korea is captivating to most people. The best thing about this movie is that all the pressure is off; a nice shared laugh is an easy stepping stone to some more intimacy.

3. Grease (1978)


The classical movie Grease is all about those upbeat, joyful seventies vibes. Although this movie is PG, it is filled with tons of hilarious innuendos that make you wonder how the movie got it’s rating in the first place. Like The Interview, the movie’s atmosphere is laid back and easygoing; the perfect flick for a first Netflix and Chill date.

2. The Notebook


This story of love and tragedy is the key to melting the hearts of many; the plotline and character interaction can get even the manliest of men to have a lump in his throat. That being said, be wary! This movie has the potential to put many in tears.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off



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