Top 5 Fashion trends we’ve seen in 2017

2017 was a year where we’ve seen very experimental trends. The Ikea bag, platform crocs, plastic jeans, and extremely long sleeves. With this year going to an end, we’re going to look back at some of the top (more wearable) trends of this year.

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Adidas NMD

Move over Roshe! NMD’s made the spotlight. This year was a massive breakthrough for Adidas. In September, the NPD group announced that Adidas was the second to most coveted sneaker brand. This German brand surpassed Nike’s Jordan but fell right under Nike itself. Nonetheless, they are making big moves. In October, Adidas opened a new flagship store in Chicago featuring the city’s local artists. Then in November, they started using Instagram Stories’ ‘poll’ feature to further connect with their consumers. Their followers were able to vote on customizable options for the UltraBoost Xeno sneaker. With this momentum, we’re curious to see how Adidas performs next year.

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Side Stripe Trousers

Are we noticing a pattern? Athleisure is not going away anytime soon. In 1967, the legendary German footballer, Franz Beckenbauer, debuted the infamous Adidas three stripe tracksuit. This opened up a new vertical Adidas as they were previously only famous for shoes. Since then, the tracksuit pants have been weaving in and out of fashion. However in 2017, the stripes were taken to a new length. Not only were they found on tracksuits, stripes were also incorporated into trousers, denim and tuxedo pants.


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Orange Is the New Black

And we’re not talking about the hit Netflix series. This isn’t the first time in the last decade that orange became the standout color. In spring of 2014, orange made its way to dresses, powersuits, lipsticks, handbags and shoes. With the rise of athleisure wear, this color became the focal point of sunglasses, hoodies, sweaters and puffer jackets. We have a feeling that orange will be with us in the following year.


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Berets are back and better than ever. We’ve seen this trend back in 2009 when this style was predominantly found in knitwear; slouchy and casual. However, this headpiece has taken new heights. Dior created leather berets that firmly pulled over the models’ heads. Gucci took a more Margot Tenenbaum approach. Marc Jacobs chose a 90s-inspired Kangol structure. Berets nowadays can be found in several shapes and textures — wool, leather, knitted, studded, pierced, bedazzled and embroidered slogans.


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Matrix Sunglasses

It’s clear that in 2017, we had the serious case of nineties nostalgia. The smallest sunglasses became the biggest hit. Though they’re not practical for protection, they were worn by the 90s It Girls — Lisa Bonet, Drew Barrymore and Aaliyah to name a few. In 2017, we’ve seen Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner rock these frames. Kylie Jenner even designed a geometric round frame in her collaboration with Quay sunglasses. With the vintage aviators making its round in 2016 and the micro-shades making its wave in 2017, we wonder which retro style frames are coming next.