Did Doritos Just Confirm That Tyrion Lannister Is A Targaryen?

By Megan Murray Feb 8, 2018


Game of thrones (GOT) fans see theory and references everywhere. After the super bowl commercial aired by Doritos and Mountain dew featuring Peter Dinklage (GoT‘s Tyrion Lannister) and Morgan Freeman, GOT fans have started tweeting about what the commercial was exactly portraying.

source: harpersbazaar.com


In the ad, Peter is seen walking across a burning room lit by flames and breathes fire. Fans are implying that the ad was hinting at Tyrions true identity of being a Targaryen.


The ad comes up with the rap battle between Dinklage’s Doritos Blaze and Freeman’s Mountain Dew Ice, reminiscent of ’A Song of Ice and Fire’.