Fake News or Just Fluff?

By Megan Murray Feb. 14, 2018


Karmen Pedaru by collage vintage

Heard of House of Fluff? Neither had we either until creative director of J. Mendel popped up on our radar. The creative of this super cool all faux fur line is Kym Canter and she did it all by selling her amazing collection of 26 real furs to put together this sustainable collection. “I felt completely glam in my furs, but they didn’t match my ethics and lifestyle,” Canter expressed. “And there was certainly no way I could be seen riding the subway in one.” Canter lives in a studio right in downtown Manhattan and her and her partner, former J. Mendel design director Alex Dymek, turn out faux fur that rivals the real thing. Her collection includes everything from street style yeti like hoodies, to plush cool bombers, to reminiscent Kate Moss leopard coats.

This move has put Cantor in the likes of Gucci and Oprah who went fur free recently and is quite strategic being on a mission of natural dyes for zero waste and eco friendly. Now no matter where you are going you can be stylish and guilt free.